Top 10 New Best Hollywood SCI-FI Movies Of 2022 So Far

Hi and welcome to ZipAddict, The year 2022 was filled with sci-fi awesomeness including movies about the Multiverse enhanced Technologies and profound imaginary worlds.

These films originate from a wide range of cultures countries and even formats but what ties them together, is their extraordinarily high quality and richness of creativity from weird independent sci-fi films to big budget Blockbusters here are the 10 best Hollywood sci-fi movies of 2022 that you should watch right now.

10. AFTER YANG – Best SCI-FI Drama Film

At Number 10 “After Yang” it is a 2022 science fiction drama film directed by Koganada.

The plot revolves around Jake and Kyra who gave their adoptive daughter Mika a robotic brother named Yang a recently sold artificial child.

They bought through authorized reseller second siblings instead of from his original manufacturer brothers and sisters Corporation.

Source: collider

However when Yang shuts down Jake tells Mika that he will get her brother restored to normal as quickly as possible but as they searched through Yang’s computer’s memory Jake and Kyra learn a lot about Yang’s background and the actual source of his Consciousness.

This film is more about the pain of a family who has lost their beloved Android so don’t expect any action it is a slow burning science fiction film with an emotional thought-provoking plot gorgeous visuals and excellent production design and the film has a 6.7 rating on IMDb and a 68 audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.


I think Roland emerge is the Undisputed leader of apocalyptic sci-fi films he has provided us with amazing films over the years including 2012 the day after tomorrow and Independence Day.

Although his most recent movie “MoonFaLL” hasn’t been received as well as some of his earlier Works.

Source: polygon

Sci-fi fans should still take a look at it, the plot begins when an unknown Force throws the moon out of rotation and sends the moon crashing towards the Earth with just weeks till collision and the planet on the verge of Extinction.

NASA official and retired astronomer Joe Fowler tries to recruit a fellow astronaut from her past Brian Harper and a conspiracy theorist named Casey Houseman for an unimaginable journey into orbit to stop the Moon from crashing into the Earth.

The film is a visual Feast for anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic and world-ending films so check it out it’s a fun watch and the film has a 5.1 rating on IMDb and a 70 audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

8. THE LONG WALK – Best SCI-FI Mystery Movie

Number eight “The Long Walk” it is a Sci-Fi mystery Movie directed by Maddie do the story centers on an elderly man who travels the unpaved highways connecting his remote farm and the surrounding rural community with a lonely ghost whose passing he observed 50 years ago.

Source: variety

For years, the old man’s grief over his mother’s death from tuberculosis has fueled an obsessive desire to reduce the suffering of the terminally ill and he has secretly executed numerous sick women over the years.

However when he finds that his ghostly friend can take him back through time the old man enters his old self to set in motion a strategy to influence his teenage self to save his mother’s life.

It is a film that gives a fresh take on sci-fi effectively blending paranormal and time traveling Theory into a creative genre bending story that should be at the top of your watch list and the film has a 6.9 rating on IMDb and a 96 critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

7. THE IN BETWEEN – Best SCI-FI Romantic Movie

Number seven “The In-Between” it is a 2022 sci-fi romance Movie starring Joey King and Kai Allen.

The movie follows Tessa who does not think she deserves her unique love story but all that shifts when she meets Skylar a student from a nearby Town who is a romantic at heart, but as her emotions is starting to open heartbreak comes as Skylar dies in a car accident but Tessa lives.

Source: pinkvilla

After the accident as Tessa looks for explanations she quickly comes to believe that Skylar is trying to reach her from the afterlife and she decides to make one final attempt to get in touch with Skylar in hopes of giving their love story The Spectacular ending it deserves.

Every science fiction film doesn’t have to involve aliens or a strange Universe it is a romantic sci-fi movie with Supernatural elements so if you are a die-hard Sci-Fi Action fan skip this one.

But if you are open to all Sci-Fi movies add this to your watch list you might enjoy it and the movie has a 5.9 rating on IMDb and a 64 critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

6. THE ADAM PROJECT – SCI-FI Action Adventure

Number six “The Adam Project” it is a 2022 Sci-Fi Action Adventure film starring Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo the plot centers on Adam a time-traveling pilot from the year 2050 who ends up trapped in the year 2022 after embarking on an unapproved operation.

Source: netflix

There he encounters his 12-year-old self and the two Adams must cooperate to achieve the Elder Adam’s goal which is to return to 2018 to save his wife’s life and defeat an unidentified enemy. Who is attempting to grab control of time travel technology with the tables turned against him.

Big Adam and little Adam believe their only option is to track down the man who invented time travel their late father.

The Adam project was a terrific Netflix sci-fi film with a Charming story blending outstanding action scenes Great Character humor and a few bits of pleasingly emotional cheesiness and the movie has a 6.7 rating on IMDb and a 74 audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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5. VESPER – Best SCI-FI Movie of Hollywood

Number five “Vesper” it is a 2022 sci-fi mystery film set in a post-apocalypse Universe where Humanity has made significant investments in genetic engineering technology in an effort to avert the approaching environmental crisis.

Source: collider

However it was unsuccessful and all of the created viruses and creatures ended up being released into the nature where they destroyed massive populations of humans animals and agricultural plant species.

While the rest of the world fights to survive the elite live in fortified cities known as citadels people rely on the seeds sold by the citadels to provide them with food but there is a catch each seed is engineered to provide only one harvest.

The main story follows Vesper a teenage girl who lives with her disabled father Darius but when a citadel vessel collapses nearby Vesper must use her intellect courage and biohacking skills to battle for the future.

The film takes immense satisfaction in developing its Universe which is both aesthetically and thematically interesting this one will surprise you so don’t miss it and the movie has a 6.2 rating on IMDb and a 67 audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

4. NOPE – Most Unique Concept SCI-FI Movie

Number four “Nope” believe me this will be the most unique sci-fi Movie you will see this year it features a wild concept that stretches your mind beyond your imagination and a small reminder do not look at Clouds.

It is a 2022 sci-fi horror film directed by Jordan Peele the film follows OJ and emerald Haywood two-horse wrangling cousins as they make a video on their little ranch and witness strange incidents such as their lights being out and their animals responding to mysterious energies.

But when they witness a giant UFO flying over the ranch and killing people in the most horrifying ways imaginable their world is turned upside down as the siblings attempt to capture video proof of a suspicious object in the sky with the help of a computer seller and the renowned cameraman matters go tragically Haywire putting all of their lives at risk.

The only flaw in the film is its climax otherwise it is a masterpiece and one of the best sci-fi movies in recent times and the movie has a 6.9 rating on IMDb and a 69 audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

3. ALIENOID – Best SCI-FI Fantasy Action Movie

Number three “Alienoid” it is a 2022 sci-fi fantasy action Movie directed by Choi dong Hoon the film depicts an unusual story that emerges in 2022 when the portal of time opened between both the ancient Goryo and the current GorYo Kingdom.

When ancient Giorgio Century Sorcerers go in search of a mythical time-bending sword they unintentionally cross paths with Advanced Goryo Empire individuals who are on the search for a deadly alien hiding inside a human’s body as a consequence two timelines Clash resulting in complete Mayhem where everything is interconnected.

Source: newsweek

Alienoid is an action-packed comedy with the perfect amount of time travel while film struggles at times to balance many storylines.

It constantly attempts to achieve its purpose except for a few scenes the CGI is more than satisfactory and the story is extremely high concept which gives you a delightful experience variants.

Film has a 6.4 rating on IMDb and an 89 audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

2. PREY – Best Horror SCI-FI Film Ever

Number two “Prey” it is a 2022 sci-fi horror action film directed by Dan Trachtenberg this film was successful because it managed to acknowledge what previous movies didn’t.

Source: wionews

The core elements of Predator movies are competition and head souvenirs but most importantly the adrenaline of an unbreakable chase.

The film takes place in 1719 on the Great Plains and follows nehru a stunning Comanche woman who is certified as a Healer but dreams of being a great hunter like her brother taba.

She grew up watching some of the strongest and most renowned Hunters of the Great Plains so when a terrifying creature assaults her town she tries to protect her community.

The Beast She hunts and ultimately faces is a fully Advanced alien monster with scientifically Superior weapons that enjoys killing people.

if you want to take a break from the regular Sci-Fi Action watch this you will not be be disappointed from the gripping plot to the visually spectacular Aesthetics and Direction all of it has been executed very flawlessly.

Movie has a 7.2 rating on IMDb and a 72 audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.


Number one “Everything Everywhere All At Once” it is a 2022 Sci-Fi Action Adventure film directed by Daniels to be honest regardless of genre this is one of the best films of the year.

Source: iMDB

It stars Michelle Yeo as Evelyn Wang a Chinese immigrant who unwittingly becomes entangled in an epic adventure in which he must join numerous variants of herself in parallel universes in order to fight someone who intends to destroy the universe.

The major conflict begins when reality is split apart by an interdimensional Rift forcing Evelyn to use her recently acquired abilities to confront weird and confusing villains throughout the Multiverse as the planet’s future is at stake.

Overall it is an extraordinary entirely unique blend of action comedy adventure sci-fi and Kung Fu films and the movie has an 8.1 rating on IMDb and an 89 audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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