When Will Spider-Man 4 Come Out? Iron Man Is Returns To MCU

MCU Rumor Mill is always busy but today it was particularly busy with updates coming for Robert Downing Jr’s Iron Man Yes you heard me right the Kang Dynasty Movie secret Wars, The Fantastic Four cast for John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt and some Spider-Man 4 news so we’re gonna be covering all of that in today’s video in your MCU update location.

There’s a lot going on and there’s a lot of things that I know you guys are all very excited for for Secret Wars to happen in the MCU for the possibility of a multiversal war that will feature a lot of different characters and then of course the Fantastic Four News and Spider-Man news this is an all-out alert for you guys who are absolutely excited for these massive topics so let’s just jump right in.


Iron Man news quite frankly and I was actually thinking to myself today I miss Iron Man in the MCU there’s something about Robert Downing Jr and his passion for the character and Iron Man from 2008 and all the thoughts and excitement and the Nostalgia at this point that goes with that that definitely had me feeling a little sad that he’s no longer a part of the MCU.

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However according to an inside source we’re hearing that Disney is planning a massive comeback for Robert Downing Jr as Tony Stark in The Avengers Secret Wars movie

Now there’s some debate out there whether or not this will be for the Kang dynasty movie and the Secret Wars movie or if this is just for Secret Wars and some people are saying yes and some people are saying no what I’m saying is regardless it would be an absolute gem to see even a variant of Robert Downing Jr’s Iron Man return to the big screen.

Just for a moment just to make a comment some type of iconic sentence or a quick fight scene whatever it be I can already imagine the theater when that moment hits think about Spider-Man no way home and all of the cameos we had there and the exciting moments.

But I think even bigger than that I do believe Iron Man Has cultivated a place in all of our hearts especially after Avengers end game where he sacrificed himself to save everybody.

I think that that’s earned him a massive Ovation if he returns for Avengers Secret Wars and honestly the possibility of this character coming back isn’t even that much of a question with the Multiverse being open.

And as now having seen several very audience of characters who look exactly the same Loki Doctor Strange the Scarlet Witch all of these characters match different versions of themselves from the main MCU timeline and for that reason it’s very very believable not only believable likely that a Robert Downing Jr clone from a different Multiverse of a variant from a different Universe exists so very high high expectation coming from the rumors today and just thinking about overall Marvel wanting to cash out on Iron Man one more time for Robert Downing Jr to have a return.

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The Fantastic Four Cast for John Krasinski

What is happening with the Fantastic Four in the MCU this is a topic of conversation that a lot of people are talking about and has a lot of conflicting reports people are saying that the Fantastic Four Cast hasn’t even been looked at yet people are saying that the Fantastic Four Cast has been decided.

John krasinski’s not a part of it people are saying John Krasinski is going to return and play play Mr Fantastic in the main timeline in the MCU timeline well here’s what Emily Blunt wife of John Krasinski and your guys’s favorite pick for the Invisible Woman wife of Mr Fantastic has to say about their current situation.

I’m not going to ask you about any Marvel things but what was the conversation when when John got the call to put fuel on the fire to have that little tiny really happy for him because I think he’s a huge fan and I understand why it’s such a kind of ardent passionate religion for people it’s a huge part of our cinematic history now so he was thrilled he was thrilled yeah I think everyone else was as well I hope so who knows you never know thank you for your time

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Something that I think is important to note here is overall Emily Blunt’s idea of Marvel movies has seemed to change in the past when she’s been asked about if she’ll ever join the MCU or any type of comic book movie she said that’s not really the genre for her her song seems to have changed a little here in this quote as she talks about how she understands why people love Marvel movies so much and that they have become a central part of Cinema.

I’m very curious what information might be had here I’m curious if John Krasinski will be returning either as the MCU timeline Mr Fantastic or in secret Wars like with Robert Downing Jr as a variant from a different Universe where he matches the look of Mr Fantastic from the universe we were familiar with.

However briefly regardless it is exciting the Fantastic Four Casting news has been a real riot and it’s been something kind of crazy to follow as a blogger and as a fan myself trying to figure out where exactly we will be falling when it does come to the Fantastic four Cast in the MCU hopefully we’ll be getting some real updates on that very soon and to close out.

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There is a current rumor going around that Marvel Studios and Sony are reportingly eyeing a July 12 2024 release day for Spider-Man 4.

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Tom Holland Spider-Man 4 in the MCU July 12 2024 so a little bit less than two years away from now and something to be very excited about the timeline there obviously not given to us during SDCC or D23 as Sony’s usually who announces the official release date for the Spider-Man films now this is by no means confirmed this this is just some of the very early rumors we’re hearing.

However coming from my comic circus who is very accurate with a lot of their reports it’s something definitely to keep in your thoughts in the background as we prepare for this next phase of Marvel with black panther, wakanda forever closing out phase four and then us moving into phase five which is going to be fully loaded extremely busy and hopefully full of some really awesome Marvel surprises.


But that is the news in a quick Article I did for you today let me know what you’re most excited for Robert Downing Jr returning the Fantastic Four Cast for Spider-Man 4 in the comment section down below.

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