Ryan Reynolds Revealed The Plot Of Deadpool 3

Lately, the MCU has been announcing really great things as far as the future of the MCU is concerned. Marvel’s Phase 5 has been completely revealed and Phase 6 is looking pretty good with the projects announced being the Fantastic Four, Two Avengers films: Avengers the King Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars, and now, of course, Deadpool 3.

Is Deadpool 3 Plot Revealed?

This was all revealed to us in the past few months which has been completely awesome but what was truly awesome, was how Ryan Reynolds told the world that Hugh Jackman was going to be returning as Wolverine and how both of them were now going to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hugh Jackman actually came on screen with him again talking about kind of what to expect from Deadpool 3.

Hi, hi how are you, you have questions yes I, I add a lot of questions I’m sure you had a lot of questions but rest assured we’re going to answer them right now like for example how is Wolverine alive yeah after Logan. Logan takes place in 2029 totally separate thing Logan died in Logan not touching that.

Ryan and Hugh Talks

But what if I told you that Wolverine was already going to come back for Deadpool 3 even if Deadpool was still going to be a fox movie and the Disney Fox still never actually happened and that this was actually a part of Ryan Reynolds’s plan?

The entire time you see as it turns out we could already know the plot for Deadpool 3 and what the main story is going to be about Ryan Reynolds has been working on the script for years and it sounds like it’s going to be pretty dang epic.

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You see Deadpool 3 has been in the works for many many years now because remember Ryan Reynolds had planned on doing a Deadpool 3 over at Fox before the Disney foxtail got done.

Ryan Reynolds has been working on the script for years now and all evidence points to the fact that Ryan Reynolds has had a general idea for the movie for some time now and it always featured Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine.

And not just a tiny Cameo or a gag about Wolverine but the entire story sintering around the relationship between Deadpool and Wolverine now based on what we know if this is done properly and I have no doubt that it will be it could be the craziest funniest and most brilliant multiversal storylines that we’ve gotten so far.

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Deadpool and Wolverine In Multi Universes

In fact, Deadpool 3 could lead us to see almost every Fox Marvel character back on screen and then killed in true multiversal fashion I’m looking at you the Illuminati. But we are also probably going to see Deadpool and Wolverine go to many different universes in a sort of buddy cop type of movie.

Deadpool and Wolverine In Multi Universes
Source: IGN

I’m all here for you see Ryan Reynolds kind of already revealed the plot for Deadpool 3 some time ago almost just about two years ago Ryan Reynolds tweeted on January 28th of 2021.

It’s critical to have open honest and healthy discussions around mental health by retweeting Bell let’s talk you can make a difference in case that’s not enough before Disney bought Fox Deadpool 3 was gonna be a road trip between Deadpool and Logan Rashomon style for REAL.

Tweet By Ryan Reynolds

And this is actually brilliant for those who have seen Rashomon or know what it’s about you know that Deadpool 3 could be set up to be something truly amazing if it’s copying some type of Rashomon and style.

It’ll be funny and as Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have already told us it’s going to be full of action and probably pretty bloody and don’t worry I’ll explain exactly what Rashomon is in the plot for Deadpool 3 and why Ryan Reynolds is a genius and speaking of Ryan Reynolds.

Rashomon Movie Recap

Now Rashomon is a 1950 psychological Thriller it is the story of A Murder of a samurai retold by various people all of which have slightly different perspectives on how the crime took place.

Rashomon Movie Recap
Source: highonfilms.com

Imagine this scenario Deadpool kills the fox Universe before going to the MCU and maybe not just the fox universe but other universes as well we’ll get to that in just a bit but imagine Ryan and Hugh kill the fox universe and then they have different perspectives on how and why it happened the banter between them would probably be fantastic.

Deadpool would have probably initiated everything and started a big fight and started the killing rampage that could be how Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine saw it but on the other hand, Deadpool could say well they started it they came at me they are the reason we had to kill them it wasn’t my fault you can imagine how this could be pretty dang good.

Story Of Deadpool 3

Now since Ryan Reynolds talked about Wolverine and Deadpool going on a road trip together we have to kind of wonder where exactly would they be going.

Well since Deadpool 3 is going to be based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we can imagine the road trip starts in the fox universe but ends up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with possibly some stops in between in other universes.

Story Of DeadPool 3
Source: arynews

This is going to be a multiversal road trip because we already know they’re going to end up in a different universe but we also know that Deadpool did some time travel and at the end of Deadpool 2 doing what he called cleaning up the timeline he did a lot of killing then so we could probably assume that that’s what’s going to happen in Deadpool 3 as well.

Is Fox Universe Will Be No More?

Now as I mentioned Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have already teased a lot of action so could this mean that we are indeed going to see the death of the fox Universe this is something that Deadpool could certainly do and probably only Deadpool.

No other movie show or character could get away with killing an entire universe of old Marvel characters breaking the fourth wall and essentially calling it what it is the end of one Universe with a few survivors like Deadpool and Wolverine.

And remember that just because Deadpool 3 will take place in the MCU doesn’t mean that it has to be in the MCU the entire time it’s most likely going to start in the fox universe and end up in the MCU.

What happens in between is going to be that road trip the road trip of Deadpool and Wolverine kill a lot of people most likely with both Deadpool and Wolverine each having kind of a different perspective Rashomon style of how and why the killing went down.

Script Of Deadpool 3

So it looks like we have the basic outline for Deadpool 3. Ryan Reynolds revealed this almost two years ago and if you take into mind Ryan Reynolds has been writing the script the entire time and the original writers for Deadpool 3 Rhett race and Paul Wernick are back on board with Deadpool 3.

The script is probably sticking true to what the two of them and Ryan Reynolds have been coming up with over these years Marvel Studios originally wanted the Molino sisters to draft a new script.

Script Of DeadPool 3
Source: headtopics.com

However, the original writers for Deadpool 1, 2, and 3 were quickly brought back on board so this seems to be our story for Deadpool 3 a road trip with Deadpool and Wolverine involving time travel multiversal travel and a lot of killing which will ultimately end with Deadpool and Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To me this sounds awesome you can kind of do two different stories here you could do Deadpool kills the fox universe and you can do an awesome multiversal road trip with two of the most iconic Marvel characters there are.

I’m all here for it but let me know what you all think about this in the comments down below would you have it any other way let me know.

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