Massive Upgrade in Shuri’s Black Panther Suite

The recent Wakanda forever trailer has given us a more in-depth look at what we can expect from the future of Wakanda and the royalty of the family therein from a closer look at the antagonist of the film Namor to a glimpse at the next Black Panther.

There is a lot to dissect within the new footage that can offer insight into the future of this famed Nation the closing seconds seemed to showcase the heir to the mantle of the Black Panther and while it hasn’t been outright confirmed.

Shuri The Wakanda’s Most Powerful Protector

It appears as though Shuri will in fact inherit the role of Wakanda’s most powerful protector and principal Monarch her time in the comics has likewise shown her in the role of the Black Panther as well and while we will not see t’challa’s iteration in the next project.

There are a few interesting differences to note regarding the two respective iterations of the Black Panther so stick with us today Watchers of the Marvel Multiverse and let’s discuss some of the differences between t’challa’s Black Panther and Shuri’s time in the Vibranium suit.

Differences Between T’Challa’s Black Panther And Shuri’s Suits

To see what we might expect and be able to expect from her power-wise in the role that is now truly hers perhaps the most jarring disparity between the siblings is how they utilize their intellects while t’challa is certainly intelligent and is a gifted tactician and strategist.

Shuri’s on a whole other level of scientific and technological prowess the siblings despite both being intelligent oftentimes use different outlets for their intellect.

Differences Between T'Challa's Black Panther And Shuri's Suits

T’Challa focuses his mind on being a respectable leader in formulating incredibly complex Battlefield tactics that enhance his already formidable physical and political capabilities.

He has learned the pressure points of various alien life forms to enhance his ability to fight them all as he studied several languages to Aid in his diplomacy.

Using negotiation and discussion to further his goals of diplomacy. He resorts to physical violence when necessary but oftentimes Ops for diplomacy whenever he can.

Though he is unafraid to fall back on his physical power and is always prepared for a hand-to-hand engagement in a hand-to-hand fight his body is his greatest weapon and the suit is merely an asset that aids him in the fight.

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Shuri’s Vibranium Suit Massive Upgrades

Shuri however is far more technologically suited for any conflict using various gadgets and weaponry that oftentimes only she understands to the full intricacy and how to use them properly which we’ve already seen several times in the MCU today.

Despite not having a suit of her own she has used various weapons and gadgets against not only Killmonger but was also able to hold her own in the battle for Earth despite being a normal human.

Shuri stood against Thanos in his alien forces which came from all across the Galaxy without a black panther suit of her own to do so and without the aid of the heart-shaped herb.

Her limited screen time has shown her as a direct rival to Bruce Banner in terms of her intelligence specifically in regards to vision and composition what’s important to note here is that Bruce Banner and Tony work together to craft both Ultron and bring Vision to life in tandem.

Shuri's Vibranium Suit Massive Upgrades

Yet neither of them found the flaw that took Shuri only a matter of minutes to call out indicating that she noticed a problem that even Tony Stark did not cast.

Many of Shuri’s gadgets are specifically designed to combat certain enemies especially if she has the preparation necessary to assist her threats and formulate her own Solutions this could even include comic-based artifacts that could be useful against Namor specifically when he resurfaces in November.

One such Armament in the comics is known as the Desert Sun which is a series of specifically designed flashbang devices that not only emit blinding lights but can also sap bodily hydration.

Namor The Mutant In Wakanda Forever

Namor is not only incredibly durable but his exposure to the depths of the ocean has enhanced his senses including his sight and his hearing seeing as they are already incredibly sensitive crafting a device that could exploit this supposed strength and twist it into a weakness would showcase how Shuri’s approach to Super heroism differs from that of her brother.

On top of this, her exposure to the heart-shaped herb grants her the same physical enhancements as her late brother although she has not yet been given the powers of Black Panther in the MCU.

In the comics, she has been exposed to the heart-shaped herb and many of the same benefits that her brother received as did she and her father before them.

Shuri In Comics

She is amongst the most athletic acrobats on Earth in the comics which augments her choice of fighting style which is largely acrobatic and Swift rather than relying on Brute Force like her brother often did.

She is a gifted combatant trained by the best fighters in Wakanda to protect her kingdom and has a sense that has surpassed even that of t’challa being able to sense her surroundings even better than her brother.

Shuri In Comics

But the heart-shaped herb also imparted upon Shuri abilities that it did not with t’challa in some iterations of a black panther she is able to see the infrared in ultraviolet spectrums of light picking up on invisible radiation that regular humans cannot detect.

This allows her to continue seeing even incredibly dark environments and navigate multiple scenarios where she would not be able to reasonably function effectively.

Shuri’s Senses More Powerful

Other senses are likewise heightened to a point that could even rival that of Daredevil with proper training in thorough practice her auditor prowess allows her to hear stimuli from miles around.

Her sense of smell is second to none barring that of again Matt Murdoch’s Daredevil she can identify individual ingredients in food and detect poisons as well as permanently remember the smell virtually.

Anyone that she meets allows her to identify them through disguises and crowds she is a gifted tracker and Hunter utilizes the stealth capabilities of the blood-black panther moniker incredibly well.

The brief Glimpse that we saw in her suit at the end of this trailer seems to Showcase more technological augmentation than the original iteration of the Black Panther Vibranium suit.

Both the T’chaka suit and t’challa’s first black panther suit seem to be relatively analog despite the technology that Wakanda had available to them while they were bulletproof durable and worked very well they were likewise bulky and designed to fit the styles of each respective user.

Wakanda Forever With Shuri

But Shuri made undeniable technological upgrades and leaps upon t’challa’s return to Wakanda.

T’challa’s Second suit was visibly far more flexible and had multiple combat upgrades including utilizing Wakanda nanotechnology in order to conceal the Black Panther suits that both t’challa and Killmonger used as well as harness kinetic energy for users that had to adapt to her technology.

If she is able to do this for others then imagine what she can do for herself tethering a suit to her specific needs and tastes which could allow her to operate at a far more effective level using her favorite gadgets and weapons by implementing them directly into the Black Panther armor.

While each of the siblings is incredibly formidable in their own rights they have different approaches to combat they each serve their own respective style and philosophy of conflict resolution beating their strengths and allowing them to grow into the most powerful black panther that they each can.

Wakanda Forever With Shuri

In Wakanda forever with Shuri, we should all expect a black panther that fights much differently than t’challa did. Being far more acrobatics just as sure he was in the comics as well as a technologically way Advanced suit even above the final black panther suit the t’challa use

There is also indicated in the trailer that Shuri will likely use multiple black panther suits over the course of the film the final black panther suit that we see in the trailer is likely the final iteration in Wakanda forever and has many unforeseen upgrades that we will have to break down.

Once Wakanda forever releases this November but anyway my friends what do you think of Shuri taping up the mantle of Black Panther?

How do you think her black panther will differ from that of the t’challa and what advantages do you think will work in her favor the t’challa did not have?

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