MAN OF STEEL 2 is Confirmed & Henry Cavill Coming Back As Superman

DC fans just keep on winning and winning not only is Henry Cavill Superman appearing in Black Adam but it is now being reported by the biggest and most reliable source on the internet.

Warner Brothers Discovery is actively working on a Man of Steel too and Walter Hamada was the reason why we never got a Superman sequel.

October 2022 seems to be the month that DC fans will always remember as the Revival of the DCEU.

The Hollywood Reporter has released AUthentic news about the future of the DC Universe and it has a lot of exciting information inside thERE is the most reliable source on the internet so any information we get from there has a 99.9 chance of being true.

DC Films New Head

Walter Hamada quietly ended his tenure in the coming days. DC is charting into truly unknown territory which is true DC is heading into unknown territory but that is good news DC is changing for the better and Walter Hamada is leaving the company at the end of this month.

And a new DC head will be brought in one that Warner Brothers Discovery approves and The Hollywood Reporter can exclusively report that James Gunn the filmmaker behind Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies as well as Warner’s dc-based The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker is angling for his own new DC project or two.

Is Henry Cavill Coming Back As Superman?

The Studio’s eyes are very much on Superman how long has that sentence been missing from a report about Warner Brothers the studio is focused on Superman what a refreshing statement goes on saying under Warner Brothers Discovery CEO David zazlav and Warner Brothers picture as heads Michael Deluca and Pam Abdi.

Warner Brothers have an intense desire to reprise the Cavill iteration of the hero the project that would essentially be Man of Steel 2 and is being produced by Charles Roven is currently in search of a writer.

There is a wish list of course and Christopher Macquarie the hand that guides the Mission Impossible movies were on it Macquarie worked with Cavill on the 2018 installment Fallout but sources say no official Outreach has been made nor may it be feasible as the Director is working on the next back-to-back impossible installments.

Discovery has an intense desire to bring Henry Cavill back as superman for Man of Steel 2 and is currently looking for writers and is being produced by Charles rovin if you don’t know who Charles rovin is he produced Mata Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman 1 and 2 Justice League 2017, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the Suicide Squad and the upcoming Wonder Woman 3.

Now, as far as I am aware he had nothing to do with the butchering of Suicide Squad or Justice League but he has helped produce some of the best DC films and unfortunately one of the worst.

Clearly, Discovery still thinks he is good enough to work at DC so I do too also notice the absence of Walter Hamada from that decision of a Man of Steel 2 they completely ignored him for that decision and that is because he is leaving and there is no chance of him returning.

if you’re worried that going to see Black Adam could keep Hamada at the company that won’t happen he will never come back the second half of that paragraph talks about a writer for the Superman sequel focusing on the discovery of Christopher MacQuarrie.

Now he did go to Warner Brothers in 2018 with Henry Cavill to pitch a Superman film but was rejected and said he wouldn’t go back to them because he wants to go where he wanted two things to take from.

Henry Cavill Returning As Superman!

First is that discovery and Henry Cavill will probably have to persuade him that the company is completely different to back then I think cavIL will be integral to winning Macquarie over the second is that he already has an idea for a Superman sequel.

Henry Cavill Returning As Superman!

The story he pitched to them in 2018 I’m sure still exists and is clearly something Henry Cavill likes too so that could cut down the time working on a new story for the Man of Steel as they already have one created.

Now I really like what Macquarie has done with the mission impossible films with Fallout being my favorite of them all so I would very much be open to him writing a Superman sequel.

Who Would Be The Director Of Man Of Steel 2?

But that asks the question who would be the director now the obvious answer would be Macquarie but if he was only to be a writer on this film my top two choices would be Zack Snyder or Christopher Nolan I love what Zack Snyder did with Superman and modernizing him.

And I think Christopher Nolan did a great job with the Dark Knight trilogy so he would be my second vote however Nolan did say that he thinks he couldn’t do a Superman film and so recommended Snyder to the studio to make Man of Steel.

So he may push that offer again over to Snyder but make sure to let me know who you think should direct to the Superman sequel in the comments below.

Superman And Balck Adam

Superman, as well as Cavill, were not in the initial plans for Black Adam the idea was hatched during a round of reshoots for the movie earlier this year but the Cameo was mixed by Hamada.

The executive who for the last four years had tried hard to move DC beyond the era where one filmmaker in this case Zack Snyder had an inordinate amount of influence and could command an entire slate for years.

Hamada had his own plans one of them involving introducing a black Superman after Hamada said no Dwayne Johnson went around the executive turning to Deluca and Abdi who gave it the thumbs up a furious round of negotiating occurred before Labor Day.

A deadline insisted by Warners with the scene shot in mid-September so like we’ve said for a long time now Walter Hamada has not been good enough at his job he’s been so focused on removing Zack Snyder from the universe that he was going to erase Henry Cavill Superman and he didn’t care about the fans.

Superman Cameo IN Black Adams

This also shows how passionate the rock is about DC he went to Walter Hamada then got rejected and then he went over his head to his new bosses and got Cavill in Black Adam not only does that show the care Dwayne Johnson has for the DCEU but it also shows the lack of care Walter Hamada has for the DCEU.

Black Adam is a Hamada product and if you watch it then you support him and increase the chances of him staying that is so untrue they only kept him around because his contract was running out in October and firing him before then would have cost the company more money.

It was easier to run his contract down than sagging him right away they’ve been looking for a new DC president since Discovery has been in charge there was no way he was going to stay and supporting Black Adam doesn’t support Walter Hamada.

Superman Coming Back To DC Universe

As they can be Cavill coming back is because of Warner Brothers Discovery and Sarnoff Toby Emerick and now Walter Hamada is gone and DC is safe I don’t see myself going to watch Black Adam as supporting any of them.

Superman Coming Back To DC Universe
Source: Denofgeek

I see it as supporting the cast and crew of that film and The Rock who cares so much about DC to the point he went around the DC president to bring Cavill back that’s I’m supporting Warner Brothers Discovery.

Batman Universe – MATT REEVES

We also have good news for us Batman fans with the confirmation that Matt Reeves is developing a sequel to his Batman and a series spin-off focusing on Colin Farrell’s penguin is on its way to filming next year.

Reeves is meeting with writers and directors to build out movies focused on Batman rogue’s Gallery both established and more obscure characters such as the Scarecrow or Clayface so a really exciting future is ahead for the Batman Universe.

JJ Abrams’s Superman Film

The future of JJ Abrams’s Superman film set outside the DCEU is unknown but I assume with Henry Cavill returning for his own solo film that project will probably be scrapped we do have a confirmation that Hamada didn’t even attend the Black Adam Premiere which just goes to show that not only is he leaving the company very soon but he also doesn’t feel that Black Adam is his product anymore.

He’s not even been offered a producing deal with the studio which happens with a lot of Executives who are let go but in a respectful way Discovery clearly just wants to get rid of him as quick as they can and do not think he is good enough to have any sort of another job at the studio.

The confirmation from the Insiders is that Flash 2 has already been written which just goes to show how far ahead they have planned out and I’m sure it won’t be with Ezra Miller who has been in a lot of drama recently but we will wait for an official verdict before talking about that whole situation.


The final thing I want to say is that the Reports confirm that Henry Cavill appearance in Black Adam was only decided in September of this year and was only possible when Discovery took charge so to any scoopers who claim that Henry Cavill’s Superman was going to be in Black Adam before that time were lying and just throwing out.

A great day for DC fans and it has been a great month too so which piece of information are you most excited about let me know in the comments below.

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