How Kang Can WIN Against The Scarlet Witch MCU

Throughout the years one of the most intriguing debates regarding the MCU is which Adventure in which individual is objectively the most powerful while this can apply to Earthbound and space-bound individuals as well as now multiversal heroes and villains.

Sokovian Refugee & The Scarlet Witch

Oftentimes one of the names to constantly appear next to the top of the list is sokovian Refugee turned Avenger and superhero Wanda maximoff the Scarlet Witch.

After the events of One Division and Wanda’s subsequent rebirth as the fabled Scarlet Witch, it was hinted that she had the potential to grow even more powerful than the sorcerer Supreme. Which we got to see in full display in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We watched her not only contend with doctor strange but actively overpower and outmaneuver him routinely and strangest on the defense for the majority of his own film.

It is widely believed that she is not just one of the most powerful Avengers to date but one of the single greatest threats in the Multiverse itself.

Will Kang Defeat The Scarlet Witch?

Though which individual character ultimately takes the title of most powerful is still up for debate despite this however the stakes for the future of the MCU are continually growing and evolving and we are being introduced to a new roster of both heroes and villains.

Alike who might challenge Wanda for this title most notably of these includes the tyrannical warlord known as Kang the Conqueror alongside other entities such as arashem the judge and the roster of dark Avengers that is currently being built.

Kang serves as one of the most prominent antagonists who is set to make his debut in the coming years and he seems to be one of the most imminent threats to the fabric of the very MCU.

This has led many to wonder if Kang is more powerful than the Scarlet Witch and if he is not then how can the MCU hope to establish realistic compelling story Stakes with such a vast power disparity?

Well stick with us today Readers of the Marvel Multiverse and let’s explore which of the two is more powerful and why Kang the Conqueror seems to be such a formidable threat to the future of the Multiverse even able to challenge the might of Earth’s most powerful defensive forces.

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Perhaps the most important distinction between the two characters is that Kang himself does not actually have any superpowers of his own instead he has access to the fullest extent of technological gadgets and weapons that can be found not just in his own era but anywhere on the timeline from throughout the entirety of the known Multiverse.

This is what makes Kang so deadly very akin to Tony Stark he doesn’t have any natural superpowers except for his vast intellect and access to far more technology than even the great Iron Man.

Two Most Powerful Characters In MCU

Nathaniel Richards comes from the 31st Century where technology is far more advanced and it’s unclear as of yet what this entails by the MCU based on his comic appearance.

However, he can surmise that he will likely be equipped with incredibly powerful shielding technology as well as battle armor that enhances physical characteristics immensely as well as an array of ranged and melee weapons that have allowed him to conquer entire timelines with an army at his back.

But whether or not this Tech and his forces can stand up to the raw might of Wanda’s capabilities has yet to be seen.


The MCU might elect to make this technology powerful enough to withstand Wanda’s attacks in order to build Stakes while altering comic precedent but it stands to reason that a Mythic being who has displayed a level of power similar to Wanda may not be limited by mortal technology and until we see how the MCU depicts its various iterations of Kang.

We have to rely mostly on speculation in regards to the MCU adaptation it’s important to note however that no two Kangs are the same and each of them will likely have a different approach and style or preference of conquering not to mention how their individual arsenals will change between the timeline.


In the comics, Wanda maximoff is known as a Nexus being and dwarfs the physical capabilities of most Intergalactic foes as well as some of the most advanced technology in the Multiverse given her performance against Thanos and his Armada before Evie being fully awakened in the Scarlet Witch.

It stands to reason there may be very little that Kane can hope to do against her but again this is dependent on the MCU’s take on each of the Kangs that being said, however, it’s important to remember that the Kang’s true threat does not lie in his physical power or even in his technological prowess or the resources of his Armada the true threat of Kang is far worse.

Kang the Conqueror

Kang the Conqueror is a formidable fighter and feared Tyrant because he quite literally cannot be killed although he is human he has an endless array of multiversal variants who all share the same objectives and motivations that are complete dominion over any timeline that he can Venture into.

if one Kang and one evasion are thwarted it is only a matter of time before another Kang approaches the mainline MCU and it’s only a matter of time before even the great Scarlet Witch is eventually overwhelmed in some way or another.

It may not be the first Kang, not even the thousandth Kang but the millionth Kang, and so on and so forth even if she is able to ward off every iteration of Kang throughout her lifetime only protects a set number of years on the sacred timeline and she is only Human After All.

Kang the Conqueror

Wanda Maximoff is likely around 30 years old and the events of One Division seemed to show that she is entering the prime of her life in terms of her physical power.

She is however subject to the same aging patterns as many normal human beings despite her immense power levels and if she is able to protect her home from the incursion of Kang

All they have to do is simply jump forward a few short decades to a generation where Scarlet Witch is no longer able to protect the timeline.

The roster of Avengers is always in flux and in just the past 10 years we have seen the rapid expansion and diversification of the mcu’s cast of iconic characters beginning all the way back with 2008’s Iron Man.

Before Iron Man’s arrival on the scene, however, the only widely prominent Avengers were Captain Marvel who was off-world for the duration of her life.

While some very gifted human characters, such as Shield agents Natasha Romanov and Clint Barton, were present, Captain America had been missing and believed dead for decades. individuals had presented themselves ever since the Eternals went into hiding.

it was indicated in the first Thor movie that he had spent very little time if any on Earth and the Earth was large without any superpowered Defense Force capabilities.

Kingdom Of Wakanda

Despite having access to superior technology, the country of Wakanda was still relatively isolated at the time, and the first generation of superheroes was undoubtedly the most notable of the Ant-Man and the WASP this goes to show the DraStic power disparity between any given two eras of the MCU.

The Kangs are not limited to only the current day and age what Kang can do is effectively choose the point when the timeline is the weakest to begin their incursion.

So despite Wanda’s potential to surpass the sorcerer’s Supreme and her immense power in terms of mystical abilities, it seems unlikely that she would be able to stand up against the full Armada of multiple Kangs.

Will Kang Defeat The Scarlet Witch?

In the best-case scenario, she is able to ward off several throughout the course of her life the sheer endlessness of the brigades will eventually take a toll on even the Scarlet Witch.

This is not to Discount Wanda’s tremendous power however it is merely meant to illustrate the Grand scope of the conflict that lies ahead for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse.

and the Dior ramifications that may arise with an endless Siege of Kang’s year after year if a solution is not discovered at some point in the very near future.

Anyway Readers what did you think of this assessment who do you think is more powerful overall of course on a one-on-one basis Scarlet Witch’s vastly more powerful than any given Kang?

However again with the sheer scope of Kangs throughout the Multiverse and their experience as well as even potentially waiting out Scarlet Witch, it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets lucky but anyway my friends how long do you think Scarlet Witch would be able to outlast a Kang and how long before she ultimately becomes to multiple incursions.

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