Here’s Why Namor Is Even More Powerful In Wakanda Forever

Wakanda forever is one of the most anticipated Marvel projects of all time as not only does it seem to have the same bold action in studying visuals of previous Marvel projects but also a level of Heart Care and passion that is not nearly as common in the MCU with the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman.

Wakanda forever Phase 4 MCU

It is apparent that this film is a passionate love letter to the late actor and stands to be one of the best Marvel projects of phase 4 and possibly ever.

While several fan-favorite characters will be returning to honor Bozeman in his legacy there are also several newcomers joining The Fray including the debut of one of Marvel’s first-ever characters dating all the way back to the 1930s in Namor the Submariner.

What do we know about Namor about this iteration of the character specifically what can we expect from this portrayal in Wakanda forever and how can we expect him to clash with the nation of Wakanda going forward?

Namor the Submariner

Well stick with us today Readers of the Marvel Multiverse and let’s discuss Namor the Submariner talk about some of the changes the MCU appears to have made discuss his most prominent powers and abilities as well as touch on the assets he has working in his favor to threaten one of the most technologically advanced nations in the entire world.

Namor the Submariner

Born as a human Atlantean hybrid Namor has a unique blend of human genetics and Aquatic DNA which sets him apart from the rest of the Atlanteans in the MCU it has been confirmed that name war will in fact be the latest in a long list of mutants to be joining phase 4.

While we don’t know as of yet if this mutation is completely responsible for his sub-nodical power set in this version it is a possibility that is worth at least addressing in the comics.

IS Namor a Mutant?

Namor is extremely powerful and is an incredibly unique blend of mutant humans in Atlantean DNA we also know that Atlantis will most likely be substituted for a submerged Aztec or Mayan civilization that supposedly met its end hundreds of years ago and has been living in secrecy ever.

Since similar to Wakanda if this is true then it would likely mean that not every aspect of the character’s original origin story will be translated over to the MCU.

IS Namor a Mutant?

This is a quite different iteration of the character since we do not yet know the name of the city in the MCU for the purpose of this ARTICLE we will continue to refer to it as Atlantis.

Even though this is most likely not going to be the name when the film ultimately releases and if the name is made public before the film comes out.

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Namor’s powers

Though the origin of Namor’s powers and his lineage might be adapted his power set and attributes are more likely to be consistent with his comic book.

Counterpart his incredibly durable skin and muscle tissue allow him to survive the immense pressures of the ocean depths without being harmed and on the surface, this makes him incredibly difficult to injure or maim his exposure to the depths of the ocean has also allowed him to develop enhanced senses being able to see through the darkest parts of the sea

Where sunlight can hardly reach as well as hear threats despite being incredibly far away when exposed to the atmosphere of the surface World

These senses allow him to have a nearly complete understanding of the world around him instantly and allow him to be perpetually aware of all facets of his surroundings this makes him difficult to Ambush or surprise.

Namor's powers

And oftentimes he will be aware of anyone around him he is also known to be a powerful telepath using his powers to communicate with his forces and with marine life alike.

While he can persuade marine life to assist him or do his bidding his loyal followers will often do so without question or pushback making sure that the entirety of his forces are always aware of what he sees knows and wants this makes for an incredibly efficient Army as they have one of the most effective and unbreakable means of communication.

Meaning they can almost always be on the same page even amidst the chaos of war is notoriously messy and chaotic and even the most gifted Battlefield tacticians are inhibited by various communication blocks.

Some iterations of Namor have also demonstrated hydrokinesis after siphoning the water from a hydro man while this isn’t a regular power of the character controlling certain amounts of water itself.

Is in line with the character though there is no way of knowing whether or not this ability will make its way into the MCU.

Namor A God In Wakanda forever trailer

In the most recent Wakanda forever trailer he is regarded not only as a respected leader but as a God.

And stated that even if they were able to kill him/his followers would incite Perpetual war against the surface world for the death of their leader making him nigh unkillable for two reasons.

While he is the most powerful in the ocean he is still a force to be reckoned with on the surface world as he can not only fly but is an incredibly skilled tactician and hand-to-hand combatant.

Each of these attributes could rival the power of the heart-shaped herb and make him a physical match for the next Black Panther.

He also has a long history of demonstrating political and diplomatic Powers as well as the leader of his own Sovereign Nation he often has diplomatic immunity in the comics as Atlantis is regarded and respected as its own independent nation.

Namor A God In Wakanda forever trailer

In the MCU however, one report direct claims that Neymar might be seeking the aid of Wakanda to keep his civilization hidden from the surface World indicating that there is a very real possibility that the rest of the world has no knowledge that this civilization exists.

The fact that it’s never been mentioned before seems to support this idea if this is the case then he may not have diplomatic immunity but he will still have a legion of followers who are willing to die for their King and may develop diplomatic prowess going forward.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the character however is he is not an outright villain Namor’s Allegiance lies with his people in the nation of Atlantis meaning he will shift his agenda and alter his goals in accordance with the betterment of his civilization.

He has been an ally of not only Wakanda and Black Panther in the past but the Avengers and the surface world as a whole he fought alongside Captain America and Bucky during World War II.

But is likewise served as an antagonist across several storylines in the comics but the character is only ever motivated by the safety of his people this means that he has more long-term potential than most villains in the MCU.

So friends what do you think of Namor the Submariner what would you like to see from the character in Wakanda Forever what are your thoughts on his powers and how he’s actually way more powerful than many May realize or assume?

Do you think that Namor will be playing a major role in the MCU going forward Then Let Me Know in the comment section

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