Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania With Kang The Conqueror

Today we have two special looks at Ant-Man and the Wasps quantumania both presumably images from the trailer that was released at such and then again at d23 now these were both exclusive to the event so they haven’t been dropped worldwide just yet.

However, with these looks at Paul Rudd that we’re getting, I have very nostalgic happiness about Ant-Man throughout the infinity Saga and a lot of worry for Ant-Man as we’re moving into what we already know is going to be an extremely intense and important film for the future of the Multiverse Saga as we know.

Thanks to these phases 4 5 and 6 composing the Multiverse Saga which following the infinity Saga has had a massive magnifying glass over it as people are analyzing and breaking down and nitpicking every single detail.

So Marvel and Kevin Feige and Disney have a huge task to accomplish if they want to impress their fans in this second Saga today we’re going to talk about these leaked images and every other update we have for Ant-Man and the WASP quantumania which we’ll be releasing later next year.

Ant-Man & The Wasp Quantumania Everything We Wanna Know

Let’s start with this one it turns out Scott Lang has written a best seller and it’s called look out for the little guy now we’ve heard reports from the trailers that have released the exclusive looks that haven’t been released worldwide that Scott Lang is in fact annoying most people with his constant chatter about the Avengers.

And how he’s an Avenger and kind of claiming that he saved the day which to all Fair Credit he did by figuring out Quantum Ram travel and showing up way later because of rat freedom from the quantum realm.

You guys know the whole story I don’t need to walk you through it but apparently, he has been a little bit annoying to those around him constantly going on and on about how he’s an Avenger in this special look.

We’re able to see that well he’s reading his book he’s going on and doing exactly as he has been described kind of puffing himself up remembering how important he was as he has deemed himself an Avenger and his first real call to action in Civil War that’s all he ever talked about.

So this is a pattern we know Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man has talked about Captain America and the sides that he was on and his involvement in Civil War now going on into the next Saga talking about Infinity war and his involvements there now this is important this isn’t just something funny that Ant-Man is doing.

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Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania With Kang The Conqueror

Because in the same trailer there’s a part where Ant-Man is talking about how he’s an Avenger and Kang the Conqueror who does appear in the exclusive footage recognizes the name Avenger you’re an Avenger and he says something among the lines of have I killed you.

Before now this seems like a little bit of an odd question because obviously he’s there and alive but you have to keep in mind Kang is a superior individual who not only has learned how to travel the Multiverse but has learned how to conquer and rule the Multiverse.

A previous version of himself he who remains in fact created the entire TVA just to keep the other kangs at Bay to keep them from ever existing so that they can’t conquer and make the entire Multiverse their slaves that was the ending of Loki season one we learned this that he who remains was doing all he knew how to keep his own variants at Bay and that he wasn’t the evil one.

Conquer The Multiverse Ant-Man & The Wasp Quantumania

After all, so this individual who has learned to travel and Conquer The Multiverse has communed and communicated with his own variants they’ve interlocked ideas they’ve conversed among themselves maybe because he’s met Ant-Man in the quantum.

He assumes he’s also so at this level of understanding of the Multiverse and other ant-mans have spoken about Kang who’s killed Ant-Man that’s my best way of explaining it that Kang really just is on this higher plane of intelligence and the assumption is that everybody just knows each other from the Multiverse.

He owns the Multiverse the travel of the Multiverse everything that entails Kang is just above and beyond in that aspect but he asks Scott Lang have I killed you before that’s pretty intense but getting back to this special look we see a very beaten up Scott Lang who maybe at this moment isn’t so happy to be considered an Avenger.

But it’s not even just that Paul Rudd and Scott Lang in the MCU are traditionally known for constantly goofing off and constantly making jokes even through all the hardships that he has characters had to go through everything’s a joke everything’s a magic trick a practical joke nothing was ever really taken too seriously.

Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania – Sirius Scott Lang

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Sirius Scott Lang his intense look and whatever or whoever he’s looking at here whether it’s his daughter or hope he’s looking with very very concerned eyes.

Now it’s also possible he’s looking at King the Conqueror himself and my big question stems just from this image not necessarily because of this image and what this image is happening I don’t think that this is maybe the moment he dies but it does make me wonder what exactly is the weight of Ant-Man and the WASP 3 traditionally speaking now this isn’t the case anymore in the MCU.

But traditionally speaking every character got three movies Iron Man 1-3 Captain America one two three it was Thor one through three until he got the first four movies so he was the first to get a fourth movie and now Spider-Man’s getting a fourth movie so it is a possible continued Trend that they’re not gonna do just three anymore so that’s not necessarily the rule as it was however traditionally in the majority of characters got their three movies and then a couple of team-up movies in it.

Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania – Cassie Lang

And it’s done this will be his third film Ant-Man and the wasp quantumania and he’s played the part he’s had his role his mantle is getting passed down to his daughter as we’ve already seen in poster stature who is Cassie Lang.

Will be played by a new actress who was introduced to San Diego Comic-Con in a whole new direction maybe she’ll join the Young Avengers maybe she’ll join the regular Avengers depending on the timeline and how long they’re all around but this could be the end for Ant-Man who has this light-hearted goofy personality and mentality and maybe he’ll end up much like Captain America and Iron Man had character arcs that were risen and character changes.

Where they did the opposite of what they were specifically Iron Man sacrificing himself and Captain America going and kind of leaving that good guy role to become the bad boy that we needed to win the Infinity War.

But overall Ant-Man might go from this goofy screw-up to a very serious individual who puts saving his loved ones above saving himself so it will be incredible to see what happens in this movie and what the overall weight is we know that it is important we know that we’re going to be getting a lot of updates on the Multiverse Kang the Conqueror who is the current big bad in the MCU.

And so many other details that hopefully will have our Easter egg peaking eyes open for there’s still a lot of hope that a post-credits scene might tease some Fantastic Four although that’s looking less and less hopeful without a confirmed cast and even rumors that there isn’t a cast but again the introduction of the quantum realm in a further light Beyond just kind of flowing through it to find Janet Van Dyne and floating back.

They’re going to be in the quantum realm for a significant amount of the movie that’s what we’re hearing a good portion of this movie will take place in the quantum realm potentially in different multiverses or different areas of the Multiverse I suppose and we might be learning more about that hidden city that was teased at us so long ago.

Ant-Man Quantumania Trailer | Marvel Studios Ant-Man 3 Trailer

Now whether that’s Kang’s hidden city or Dooms hidden city or the Fantastic Foursome other things entirely I’m very excited to get all these updates and these two special looks definitely have me more excited I think this movie is going to be not only extremely important but extremely well put together and well-received something that the Multiverse Saga maybe needs.

Although I don’t think it’s been as bad as everybody’s been giving it credit for it’s been a nice slow-building stage with a lot of new feels new attempts at what an MCU movie can be but a big Blockbuster with an Avenger from the infinity Saga is something that we are all looking forward to.

So let me know what you guys think about these looks in the comment section down below and if you’re excited about Ant-Man and the WASP quantumania.

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