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Hey everybody how’s it going welcome back to ZiPAddict the Blog where we talk all things major movie and television news theories breakdowns and much much more I’m your host Den and today we have an interesting report for DC coming from The Rock and several other DC insiders That DC Has Announced Phase One Of DC Universe.

Who are preparing for the next big wave or as The Rock refer to it as Saga in the DCEU that’s right what we first thought was dead with The Flash movie coming out opening up the Multiverse potentially sending them to the DC Universe and leaving the DCEU buying his recent installment in that DCEU Black Adam.

Now we know the rock has been a champion of Black Adam for several years. He says 12 years he’s been fighting to get this movie made and he’s brought along with him some friends.

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Black Adams – Entry Of Henry Cavill

So we’re going to talk about Black Adam and what exactly the future plans for the DCEU in Phase One.

So I do want to issue a spoiler warning for Black Adam there are a few things we’re going to be talking about in This Article that are for sure definite spoilers for the movie so if you are concerned about any of those spoilers now is a good chance to click away and you can come check it out after you’ve seen Black Adam for the rest of you who do not care what so ever let’s jump right into it.

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Shortly you’ve heard by now since the Rock and Henry Cavill who plays Superman have both talked about Superman showing up at the end of Black Adam in this moment we realized wait a second what’s happening we thought the DCEU was over we thought they were going to move on start a whole new Superman series and we were going to figure out something new after The Flash movie happened.

Well it turns out the rock had other plans and he’s been pushing very hard for DC to continue the DCEU and that is exactly what has happened with Henry Cavill finally making a reappearance as Superman and not just getting a headless version of Superman who many argue has been just the biggest disservice to one of the most popular superheroes of all time.

Having him show up not only in Shazam but also in Peacemaker as a silhouette or a headless character an unidentified individual it’s not a great look for the DC EU and it’s one of the many many many many many reasons that the DCEU was a huge failure.

However it’s not completely over yet original thoughts and plans coming from the Warner Brothers Studio coming from DC Studios was that The Flash movie was going to be a major pivot for the DC Universe.

The Flash Movie – DC Universe

The Flash movie was going to open the Multiverse introduce different characters and as Jim Lee so eloquently put it at 2019’s DC fandom it will allow for anybody to be anybody any character could exist in any facet in any combination throughout the multiverses.

If you were to take a pen and stab it through the universes that is what the Flash movie was going to do it was going to open up all these possibilities and allow for a continuation of the characters that we still sort of enjoyed while the ones who we don’t have anymore like cyborg probably Ezra Miller Superman Ben Affleck and others are no longer in the picture.

But now we have the rock talking about phase one and what exactly does that mean well here’s what he had to say and this does come on The Rock’s Twitter so this is about as true and honest as it gets from the mouth of the source saying this means a lot thank you so much hashtag Black Adam will serve as our phase one of Storytelling in our DC Universe exciting times for the brand to build up and build out.


Is DC Copied Marvels Phases?

Now of course the first thing anybody wanted to ask him when he mentioned phase one was well are you you taking a bite out of Marvel’s story planning with the phases and he responded with I do not think we are going to take any kind of bite out of Marvel that answer is unequivocally no.

Because to me as we build out the DC Universe ushering in a new era of the DC Universe that to me is not my lead foot. it’s not our goal to take any bite out of Marvel what they’ve done is incredible what Kevin feige has done is incredible.

I love those guys they’re all my friends and they’re all largely responsible for the economic Drive of our business for almost two decades we don’t want to be Marvel we want to be DC and how we do things so that’s what I want I don’t want to take a bite out of that apple I want to grab a new Apple and I want to create from there.

Now there are a few things I do want to point out specifically and with that being that he did actually say DC Universe in his quote in his Tweet now all the rumors are talking about the DCEU for one specific reason Henry Cavill has returned.

There was an opportunity with the Rocks movie to start a new to take Shazam and bring him over into the DC Universe not incorporate him with the DCEU to have Black Adam be from a completely different Universe outside of the DCEU one of the many Multiverse existing universes and then have a fresh start that should be phase one.

However now with Henry Cavill making a return and very likely being the exact same Superman from the DCEU which means to say Batman Wonder Woman Aquaman all the connecting points and then of course with them doubling down on Shazam being a member of the DCEU it looks like the rock hasn’t quite given up on that DCEU.

So although he does talk about the DC Universe which inevitably will come with the happening of The Flash movie the DCEU is also a push that I think they’re working on right here.

We have Shazam 2 Aquaman 2 and The Flash movie all coming out which will be a part of the DCEU storyline and continuing on what we’ve already gotten up to this point which without even an argument has been rather Rocky.

Man Of Steel 2 – DCEU

There’s also words that Snyder is returning for a Man of Steel 2 movie and that’s something that will surely have fans very very excited.

Now I know Man of Steel 2 is something we’ve all been talking about but how well will it fit in knowing that The Rock has plans of his own and very clearly in these statements is spearheading the entire plan for DC not only has he created Black Adam has he gotten Superman back through the face of Henry Cavill.

Source: TheDIRECT

However he is now sitting here making statements for the company talking about phase this and the future that and Marvel this and this and we’re gonna grab our own Apple it’s a big words to be said from somebody who doesn’t actually have any type of power ship position within the company.

He has pushed for a fantastic idea and drive for DC he obviously is very passionate about this not only Black Adam but DC has a whole and that is something that DC has been lacking so hopefully we’ll be able to get a little bit of The Rock’s passion of black Adam’s fire and we’ll be able to have some order some balance and as The Rock has said several times a new era in the DC EU.

The hierarchy has changed and I think all the times that The Rock has been saying this hasn’t only been a reference to the superheroes but maybe also to the leadership at DC Studios.


Hopefully we’ll get some more answers and explanations but for now just be excited for Black Adam. You can enjoy it the critic reviews are sitting at I think 55% while I’m recording this video um so hopefully the fans enjoy it a little bit more but it’s always hard to say with critics it’s always hard to say with DC the expectation is not always where maybe it should be we have high high expectations constantly comparing it to its counterpart Marvel but we do need to appreciate that DC has its own plan as well.

So welcome to phase one of the DC Universe and its leader Black Adam The Rock return of Henry Cavill and many many other great things potentially on the horizon as an avid DC fan myself I’ll continue to hope and expect the best from DC and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens but thank you guys so much for Stay With Me And I’ll catch you guys all in the next one right here on Cosmic culture.

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